stay aware of 坚持…的知道;随时留心
as for 至于
overall fitness 全体安康情况
gain weight 体重添加
drop weight 体重降低
weight loss 瘦身
conflict with 冲突;与…冲突
physically active 精力充足;身体活泼
shift from 从…转移
muscle mass 肌肉分量
in the form of 以…的方法
reach goal 抵达方针
due to 因为
regardless of 不管不管
aside from 除…之外
along with 与…一同
depend on取决于;依靠
approve of撑持;附和
hold onto 捉住,保存
account for 说明,晓得,查明
count for 有价值
switch to 切换到;改动成
training intensity练习强度
daily caloric intake 往常卡路里摄入
weigh-in 称体重
do/work wonders 创造奇迹;获得惊人成效
work out 训练
carry the burden of 带着…的担负
rather than 而不是
turn sth to sth 把…转移到

so called 所谓的
in conjunction with (与…一同,连同)
in the right amount 恰当的
moral norms 道德标准
moral guilt 道德负罪感
moral development 道德打开
bad rap 口碑差,无理责备
alert sb of sth 使或人知道到
make up for 抵偿,抵偿
hold … together 使坚持联合
context-independent 与景象无关
socially constructive 社会缔造性
rein in 严肃控制,抑制
vice versa 反之亦然
substitute for 替代;替代
in this light 就此而论
compensate for 抵偿
emotional deficiency 情感缺失
result from 来历于
impulsive act 激动行为
turn on sth 依托,取决于
self-observation 自我调查
share with 共享
even though 尽管
in the fight against 与…斗争/战争
even as 合理,刚好…时

soak up吸收
count on 盼望;依托
a good share of 许多,许多
leave sb with sth 将…留给或人
out of control 失控
global warming 全球变暖
extreme weather conditions 极点气候情况
change 气候改变
strike a balance 达到平衡
lead the way 带路,演示
figure out 弄理解
california 加利福尼亚州
species diversity物种多样性
thin out 修剪
a share of一份,比例
pull from 别离;取出
fend off 避开,挡住
in the event of sth 假定某事发生,如果
emission-permit 排放答应证
be financed from 从…中获得资金
in all 一共,算计
at risk of 处于…的风险中
carry out 实施
lock away 把…锁起来;妥藏
run on 用…驱动
under way 在进行中
in the form of 以…的方法
be accustomed to 习气于
come to 初步…逐步…

labor shortage 劳作力短少
complain of 诉苦
in favor of 撑持;偏袒
oft-debated 备受争议的
all along 自始至终,一向
one-third 三分之一
labor-intensity 劳作密布型的
guest worker (尤指来自贫穷国的)外籍务工者
fill the gap 加添空缺
as a result 成果
numerical cap 数量捆绑
lead to 致使
in effect 实践上
high mobility 高活动性

celebrities star 明星
a bunch of 许多
swap out 将…替换掉
put together 收拾,汇总
be directed at sb/sth 对准,关于
do one’s bit 尽本分
moral licensing 道德答应效应(指我们在做出功德后,一般会放纵自个,降低对自个的道德需求)
in charge 主管的,担任的
up to 由…抉择;取决于
self-driven 自律;自个驱动自个
sense of accomplishment 作用感
cost-effective approach 合算的办法;物有所值的办法
a top-down process 自上而下的进程
far from远非
prevent…from doing 阻止做某事
hold sb to account 追查…的责任
push for sth 尽力求取;再三需求
community welfare 社会福利
civil rights 公民权力
press sb to do 敦促或人做某事
lead the combat 领导战争
incentive-based 鼓励性的
write off 认为…不重要,无视
rein in 控制;怠慢
weigh heavily on 对…有严峻影响
in the dark 全然不知;一无所知
mixed views 有不一样的观念
real estate broker房地产中介
long-term 长时刻的
when it comes to 当说到
cope with 处置,唐塞
support system 撑持体系
cope with 处置;唐塞
in regards to 关于;至于
place emphasis on sth 注重;偏重
tend to do sth 一般会
get/stuck in sth堕入
meet one’s need 满足或人的需要
housing crunch住所严峻
pose chanllenge to 对…构成应战
even as 当…时
rather than 而不是
clinical psychologist 临床心思学
contrary to 与..相反
have a go at测验
the majority of 大有些
along the way 一路上;沿途
earn…the hard way 来之不易
literary field 文学领域


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